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Samreen Vance Aroos-e-Ziba Bridal Jewelry Collection 2016 with Price

Samreen Vance — certified bridal jewellery designer, runs her precious jewellery wardrobe for both bride and groom and she is very much successful in her business and marking her steps on the road to success. The jewels she designs are the true mark of tradition, ethnicity, values of our culture with precious and semi-precious stones and beads.

Samreen has translated the royal elegance in her designs with her very own amendments. She especially used the touch of Raj era in her designs. The time when women used to wear heavy necklaces and guluband styles along with kundan jewellery that included five finger rings and a bracelet attached. She also transformed her jewellery into the styles of Mughal era and their brides who used to wear long layered and chained necklace with jhumka earrings.

Samreen Vance Bridal Jewellery Collection 2016 at APNA

Wearing jewellery at weddings is not just the cultural norm of Pakistan but it is a very famous ritual in a lot of Asian cultures and countries. Use of jewellery at weddings is more like a fashion norm started by older times with Mughals and Raj era, whose brides used to wear a lot of jewellery almost everything they could call jewellery. Since then the Asian brides finds it the most important thing of their wedding that they have to wear something beautiful and amazing and for that Samreen Vance is providing great stuff to choose from.

Designer Samreen Vance Bridal Jewellery Collection 2016

Her designs brought the old fashioned No Lakha haar style, traditional legacy and inspirational antique style jewellery into life and she reminded people that how beautiful our older generations were. She brought the luxury in her designs with gold, antique and silver work with very precious and semi-precious stones to bring versatility to the bridal look.

Jewellery by Samreen Vance is not just for brides but she also brought something is notice for grooms as well and along with their beautiful outfits these professionally crafted traditional yet fashionable jewellery brings so much charm among the brides and grooms. Check below here Samreen Vance Aroos e Ziba Bridal Jewellery Collection 2016 for brides.

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