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Plus Size Jeans: Finding the Best Jeans for Women

If you wear the plus size clothes so it is not compulsory that you cannot wear jeans. As the other plus size clothes, you can also find the best jeans for your body shape which suits you much. Good jeans can make your look more attractive and makes you feel more comfortable. Just you need to do is that find the best style of jeans which could fit on your body shape and size. There are various styles available in the market which is made especially for the plus size so that the women having all sizes can take the benefit of the jeans and can seem more attractive and charming. You just need to make your mind according to your body shape before selecting the plus size jeans for yourself. You can follow these steps to find the best match according to your body shape. If an improper size of jeans is worn by girls then the entire look will be destroyed.

First of all make yourself naked in front of the mirror to examine your body shape. You can also use a measuring tape to measure your body accurately and then draw a sketch on a paper. The body shape drawn on the paper can help you more to get the perfect idea about your body and which plus size jeans suit you more. First of find that which type of body do you have so that you can get the best jeans. Some of the body types which are mostly observed for the plus size jeans are inverted triangle, column, rectangle, apple, pear and hour glass. Just simplify the actual shape of your body and then it is much easier to select the style of plus size jeans.

Plus Size Jeans

Find Perfect Jeans for your Body Shape

After you have completed the step one then you can proceed towards the second step which is the selection step. Some of the plus size jeans for every body type are discussed as under which can help you much in making the best choice for you.

Hourglass shape

If you have the hourglass shape which usually is an ideal body shape. Women having equal width of shoulders and hips lies in this state and flared jeans or bold curve jeans are preferred for them. This is because to adjust the hips and thighs.

hourglass shape

Pear shape or Triangle Shape women

These women have narrow shoulders than hips and dark shade jeans are good for them. Baggy and horizontal fading jeans are not preferred.

Pear shape or Triangle Shape women

Inverted Triangle

The women whom have wider shoulders than the hips are usually known as inverted triangle shaped women. Jeans in light colors wit ornaments and low rise jeans are preferred for these women.

Inverted Triangle

Rectangle or column shape

Basically rectangular women are equally in size from up to down having same width of hips and shoulders such as just can say that having a straight plus size figure. The jeans which would best fit include skinny jeans, high waist plus size and flared cut jeans with having good colors.

Rectangle or column shape

Oval or apple shape body

This type of woman has completely an undefined waist having hips and shoulders of equal width. Bust is large and torso is rounded. The dark colors jeans having an in push effect, high waist jeans, plus size jeans having wide waist band are more likely for these women. You can get help from these body shapes which will help you to determine the best size and type of the plus size jeans. Especially for the women who think that they cannot wear jeans because of having plus size can take much advantage from the discussed body shapes and types of jeans preferred for them.

Oval or apple shape body

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