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Asim Jofa Spring Summer Luxury Lawn 2015 Collection Price

Asim Jofa is considered to be a big name in the world of fashion in Pakistan. He is enlisted in the top ten designers in Pakistan. is a talented person and has been working for past many years. He launched his first official business in 2009 under the name of Diamond. After that, he earned lot of fame among the customers. The young girls and women are fond of beautiful designs produced by Asim Jofa. Recently, he has launched spring summer lawn collection for 2015.

Asim Jofa Spring Summer Luxury Lawn Collection 2015 includes dresses for formal as well as for informal occasions. Most of the prints are luxurious ones and some of them are normal. Asim Jofa is also famous for high prices because it offers luxurious lawn. This collection contains lawn suits in two or three pieces. Some of the lawn dresses have chiffon dopatta while others have lawn dopatta.

Asim Jofa New Luxury Lawn 2015 Designs

The dresses included in Asim Jofa luxury lawn collection 2015 are of high quality and hundred percent pure cotton fabrics have been used. The dresses contain bright colors like yellow, orange, blue, green, peach, purple, white, red etc. some of the dresses have bold prints while other are quite simple and unique. The ready to wear Asim Jofa embroidered lawn summer collection contains bold designs in their stitching and cuts. Capris and short trousers are the center of attraction of customers for prets and shirts. The price of this collection has been charged as per design as well as patterns along with styles of dresses. Asim Jofa luxury lawn dresses with embroideries are costly while the printed suits are quite affordable and can be bought by a common man in Pakistan.

Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Collection 2015 for Women

Wear the most luxurious lawn by Asim and feel yourself classy! Check below here Asim Jofa Spring Summer Luxury Lawn Collection 2015 for women.


  1. Please show discount prices of asam jofa white and red suit plz or send discount price on my mail shami111@hotmail.com plz

    • Hello Samina! All prices are already mentioned on the bottom of every dress. These are the actual prices after discount, if applicable on this product

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