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7 Herbal Teas You Should Drink to Improve Your Skin

All of you might have thought to get flawless skin but how many of you are succeeded? Dull, oily or dry skin makes you feel bad in front of other that’s why it is necessary to get rid of it. Everyone deserves to look beautiful and to own a pretty skin. In order to get a better skin, some efforts are also required such as drinking herbal teas as they contain wonderful curative and restorative elements that can give new life to skin by inside-out healing. Now I will share some of the best teas that can give you beautifying effects.

Best Teas for Skin Health

1. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has fragrant and slightly sweet appeal. It has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. Regular consumption of jasmine tea can help you fight effects of eczema and aging. It can also benefit oily skin by reducing oil production as well as fighting against acne and balancing hormones.

Jasmine Tea

2. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea can assist your body in fighting off the aging effects. It is also helpful in improving complexion. Its taste is distinctive but you will get used to it with the passage of time. Oolong tea is also beneficial for protecting the skin against nicotine and sun damage.

Oolong Tea

3. Burdock Root Tea

You can easily get burdock root from health stores. It is found to be very beneficial for skin as it has antibiotic and antifungal qualities that can fight off acne-causing bacteria. This tea can also detoxify your skin tissues.

Burdock Root Tea

4. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has refreshing and cooling effect. It can battle nausea and soothe tummies. Peppermint tea is also helpful in relieving stress, improving oily skin and encouraging the growth of new skin cell.

Peppermint Tea

5. Green and White Tea

Green tea has most powerful antioxidants that can protect you from the free radicals as well as skin damage. White tea is the predecessor of green tea. This tea is least processed and therefore has highest quantities of antioxidants that can fight off dangerous effects of environment.

White and Green Tea

6. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is not only used for sore throat but also for several other reasons. Digestion can be improved by ginger tea and there is a strong link between digestion and skin. Healthy digestion means healthy skin. So go ahead and drink ginger tea on daily basis as it aids in soothing inflammation as well as increase wattage in skin radiance.

Ginger Tea

7. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is popular for anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming 1 cup of chamomile tea everyday will resolve the issues like contact dermatitis and eczema. It also assists rejuvenate puffy eyes; treat acne, burns and bee stings.

Chamomile Tea

All these teas are really beneficial for your beauty as well as health. If you also want to get better skin, then you must try any of these teas. Regular consumption of these teas will make your skin glowing and attractive. Start consuming them from today and enjoy your new looks.

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